Story Behind The Blog

Let me begin with the name of my blog. The reason why I chose this name is after much thought. I was getting confused on what should I name it and what should the name signify. I have seen many ‘creative names’ people give their blogs. Some suggest their culture, some their region, some are contemporary and even more so,  every name seems perfect for those blogs. And when I was pondering over it, I thought let me give it a name that actually is the basics of my cooking style and taste. And of course, as the saying goes, for every child the first teacher is always the mother. As for me, and let us stick to the context here, in terms of cooking, my ways are more inclined to what I have seen my mom doing in her kitchen. So it is her SECRET recipes, that are going to be most part of my blog and of course its GOLDEN and precious as her and her name 🙂

As a child/teenager, or I would say, till I got a job and had to move to a different country, I was not keen on cooking at all. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I say that I didn’t know how to boil water till I finished my graduation 😮 I used to think that cooking is a very difficult task. Every dish is so different, it must be a lot of effort to remember the recipe for each one. So when I had to move out of my comfort zone, I very thoughtfully, wrote down some of the basic recipes from my mom. And that’s where I am going to begin. Right from the start 🙂

Once I started getting used to the idea and activity of cooking, my thought took a U-turn. I knew cooking is an art and needs passion and love more than anything else. How much ever you put effort, I realized, if there isn’t that factor of ‘love’, the food wouldn’t taste that good. And it fills my heart with gratitude, when I think how our mothers, all their life, weren’t just giving us food 3-4 times a day to survive, but it was a portion of their love they would set apart/serve each time. So as a small token of love, I am dedicating this blog to my parents and I am publishing it today(May 31st) as a gift on their anniversary 🙂 Happy Anniversary mom and dad…May you be together and always rocking for many more years to come…Love you 🙂

13 thoughts on “Story Behind The Blog

  1. DB-This is very nicely done. Glad that you are no longer a closet photographer but also added blogging and cooking to your creative skills. Congratulations !!!

  2. Very nice way to start Divya.I read all ur Recipes, will wait for your updates.
    Pictures are giving ideas to try them immediately

  3. Great pics … makes everything looks so yummy and has definitely inspired me to cook and try out some of the recepies. Good going!! 🙂

  4. Thank you for sharing your secret recipes with us!
    I’m looking forward to try them out!

    Much love,

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