Watermelon Crush


Summer is at its peak and everyone is thinking of how to cool their body. Last couple of weeks was sooo hot that I just couldn’t bear it. I soo wanted to drink something that would give some relief. That’s when I went and bought watermelon. As usual, the ‘cook’ in me couldn’t settle on eating the fruit just as it is. I just had to come up with something ‘new’. I had some mint leaves and some lime in the refrigerator. So I thought I should crush it all together and drink like a juice or something. And so I did πŸ˜‰

There, I came up with Watermelon Crush with a twist of mint and lime. Mint is also a cooling agent and goes very well with juices or mojitos. I put some ice cubes to it and wow, such a refreshing drink it was!!! We really enjoyed it and finished it in no time πŸ˜€



Watermelon – 250 gm
Mint leaves – 4-5 nos
Lime – 1/2 no.
Sugar(optional if watermelon is really sweet) – as per taste


1. Peel off the skin of watermelon(apprx. Quarter of a medium sized watermelon) and cut it into medium sized cubes(apprx. 2 inch sizes).
2. Put the pieces in a bowl. Using a masher or ends of a sharp steel glass, crush the watermelon. Crush till the juice comes out nicely and yet there are small bite size chunks of watermelon.
3. Lightly crush with mint leaves and add it to the crushed watermelon. Also squeeze the lime into it. Give it a good mix.
4. If the watermelon isn’t sweet enough, add sugar and mix well.
5. Pour into serving glasses and serve chilled!!!

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