Pani Puri


Street food is a very popular trend in India. Once you step out of your school or college or office, there will be a variety of different kinds of street food and stalls to choose from. Again, each State and city has different specialty to offer. If you go to streets of Mumbai, the most popular thing to find there would probably be a ‘Vada Pav’ or ‘Pav Bhaji’. If you go to Hyderabad, it probably would be ‘Cut mirchi’ or ‘Mirchi Bajji’. If you go to Kerala, the items change to ‘Paruppu vada/Dal vada’ or ‘Pazhampori/Banana fritters’. Interesting thing is, you get the authentic and the most amazing flavors of these items in street stalls only.

If you ask any Indian, they will have their own favorites among these street foods. If you ask mine, I would say…hmm, well..It is difficult to pick ONE, but Pani Puri undoubtedly is among the top 5. But one thing with the Pani puris that you get from these street vendors is that, you have to take the risk of a stomach flu the next day you eat it 😉 So I prefer to have Pani puris I make at home. And it has always come out well. I love chat varieties and so, I like to make it just the way I want it. I don’t like the ‘Meetha/Sweet’ sauce they usually add to the chats. So making it at home gives me 2 advantages. No stomach flu risks and the taste is just suited for my taste buds 🙂



Potato – 1 large sized
Onion – 1 medium sized
Green chilli – 2 or 3 nos
Chaat masala – 1 tsp
Coriander leaves – 3 or 4 strands
Salt – to taste(apprx. ¼ tsp)
Everest Pani puri masala – 1 tbsp
Puris – Any store bought pack


1. For making the masala , boil the potato , mash it and keep aside.
2. Finely chop onion, green chillies and coriander leaves. Add salt to it and mix well. (It is always good to mix salt with raw onion and keep for couple of minutes. This takes away the rawness of the onion.)
3. Add the onion, green chilli and coriander leaves from step 2 to the mashed potato. To it add half tsp of chaat masala.
4. For making the ‘Pani’ (Pani means water in Hindi) of the Pani puri, take 2 cups of water(preferably cold water). To it add the Pani puri masala(Everest is the best I have tasted so far). Also add the remaining half tsp of chaat masala to it and mix well.
5. Now take the puri and make a hole on one side of the puri. Usually one side of the puri will be more brittle. Just tap or press the puri on one side using your thumb.
6. Spoon in the masala into the puri through the hole you created in the puri.
7. Dip the stuffed puri into the Pani and fill it and relish it immediately 😉

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