Very Berry Parfait


Summer has started and I see berries everywhere. Also I have been thinking so much about what could possibly be the best recipe to begin with. So I thought, it would be good to make something sweet, yet healthy and very simple. Presenting my first recipe for the blog…VERY BERRY PARFAIT.

As I said, since this is my first recipe that  I am posting, I would want to keep it very simple yet something that can be a good option to make if you have guests and want to impress them with your presentation skills 😉 Also, take my word, it tastes amazing and fresh because of all the berries. And kids are going to love it too because of the jello!


The ingredients include Vanilla Pudding. And in this recipe,  I am going to suggest store bought pudding though I have used home made vanilla pudding. The reason might sound dumb. But I forgot to take the photographs of my pudding and so I am not ready to post the recipe for it yet 😦 But I promise, I will be posting the recipe for the vanilla pudding very soon.

So here we go…


Mixed Berries(I used Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry & Blackberry) – 2 cups
Vanilla pudding – 2 cups
Strawberry Gelatin – 2 cups


1. Wash and clean all the berries. Cut strawberries into 4 quarters and blackberries can be cut into halves. Keep aside the berries to be used when we assemble the parfait.

2. Use any brand of strawberry gelatin and mix it to make 2 cups. Refrigerate it and keep stirring occasionally.

3. Once the gelatin is in the consistency of a thin soup, take it out from the refrigerator. Take the parfait glasses for assembling. Put equal portions of mixed berries into each glass to fill 1/4th part of the glass. Pour the strawberry gelatin till the glass is half full . Stir the berries lightly, so that they float in the gelatin.

4. Spoon in the vanilla pudding over the gelatin. Keep some space in the glass for topping the parfait with the berries. Refrigerate the parfait so that it is set well. Give it 30 mins to an hour to set well.

5. When you serve the parfait, top it with the remaining mixed berries.


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